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Additional Services

In addition to our most commonly requested restoration services, including our emergency and duct cleaning services, Service Master 24 Hour also offers hoarding removal, odor removal and content packing services. We handle each case seriously and with care, ensuring our customers receive the services they want and need, at the high standard we set.

How We Help Hoarders

Hoarding is a mental health disorder that makes it hard for someone to throw something away or part with their possessions. A home that’s inhabited by a hoarder can become dangerous and unhealthy, and you’ll need drastic action to address the issue and help the person begin his or her road to recovery. Working with Matt Paxton, who’s an extreme cleaning and hoarding expert, Service Master 24 Hour has developed a program that helps hoarders clean up.

Our Team of Trained and Certified Technicians Will:

  • Remove clutter, clean debris and sanitize the home
  • Locate lost valuables, including jewelry and money
  • Coordinate recycling, shredding and donations
  • Help distribute kept items to family and friends
  • Use a compassionate and understanding approach to help customers recover

How We Remove Smoke and Other Odors

Lingering smoke and mold growth are some of the most common odors homeowners deal with, and they’re not easy to eliminate. Smoke permeates walls and other surfaces, including the air ducts, and negatively impacts indoor air quality. Mold does the same, growing on everything from damp walls to moist floorboards. To keep your home clean and free from the health risks that smoke and mold can present, it’s vital to invest in odor eliminating services.

At Service Master 24 Hour, we provide emergency odor and smoke removal services, including pre-cleaning, content cleaning, structural cleaning and deodorization. Whether it’s in your walls or in your upholstered furniture, our team of technicians knows how to eliminate the smell, quickly and efficiently.

How We Clean and Pack Content

packing boxes

Content and packing: What is it? If a fire has damaged your home, every minute counts to ensure you minimize your losses. Our team of trained professionals knows how to pack your personal property and get it out of your home quickly, handling your possessions with gentle care from the on-site assessment through packing, transporting, storing and its safe return. We also know how to clean your property so it’s free from agents that can erode or discolor it permanently.

Are you looking for hoarding removal, odor removal or content packing services in Tampa Bay? Contact us today in Hillsborough County, Pasco or Pinellas County. We work with all homeowners’ insurance companies, and we’ll happily help you file paperwork, gather estimates and organize other necessary items for your claim.


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