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Additional Services

Not every remediation job fits into a specific category. When unusual disaster strikes, you need a full-service provider like the professionals at ServiceMaster 24 Hour. Our team of trained professionals includes technicians who are experienced in virtually every aspect of the cleaning and restoration process. We provide a variety of different services that cover virtually every remediation application.

Odor Elimination

Unpleasant odors are unsettling, and they can negatively impact your health and the value of the affected property. Some offensive particles can remain airborne for hours, days or weeks after the actual event. We use air scrubbers and thermal fogging to clean and deodorize the air for safe and healthy breathing. Whatever the source of the problem may be, we have the products, equipment, and training to remove the odor, so the air will be clean and fresh smelling. Some of the odors we address include the following:

  • Cigarette smells
  • Soot and smoke smells from fires
  • Sewage smells
  • Hoarding-related smells
  • Body decomposition

Hoarding Removal

Junk and accumulated clutter in a hoarding environment involve cleaning the building and removing the filth, debris, and unusable items previously stored inside. This can include fecal matter, trash, bodily fluids, mold, fungi and rotting foodstuffs. In extreme situations, only a trained professional has the equipment and personnel protection required to enter and restore the site safely.

The job of cleaning a building occupied by a hoarder can be challenging. The contamination may involve biohazards and toxic materials, which can result in serious illness unless proper precautions are taken. Many contaminants seep into carpets, flooring or the walls themselves. Our technicians have the skill needed to find the source of the hazard and completely eliminate it.

Content and Packing

packing boxes

When a situation arises where the cleaning process can’t be completed onsite, it’s beneficial to pack and transport certain contents to a remote location. These facilities have controlled environments and special tools to restore valuables and fabric-based items to their pre-disaster condition. Consideration is taken to preserve the original appearance, structural integrity and smell of the object.

Both pack-in and pack-out procedures are conducted by a packing professional who understands how to handle delicate items in a timely manner while preventing additional damage. Every piece is carefully inventoried and accounted for throughout every stage of the process. Your personal property is handled with care to ensure its safe return. Here are some of the common items we can clean and restore:

  • Documents
  • Electronics
  • Dolls and stuffed animals
  • Shades and blinds
  • Clothing
  • Rugs

Your Full Service Cleaning and Restoration Service

If you require cleaning or restoration service, call the experts at ServiceMaster 24 Hour. One of our friendly representatives will answer all your questions and arrange an appointment at your convenience. Since 2003, we’ve provided Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and the surrounding communities with comprehensive remediation services.


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