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Additional Services

A business has a greater chance of experiencing a disaster since the building can remain unoccupied for many hours at a time. In addition to water and fire damage, sensitive documents and sophisticated equipment can be affected by a variety of threats. If your business experiences an unusual or unexpected catastrophe, we provide a wide array of services designed to meet the challenge of virtually every restoration application.

Odor Elimination

Offensive odors are unpleasant in any environment, but you can lose customers if your business has a foul smell. Productivity may suffer as employees are distracted by the odor. In some cases, people may suffer health issues from the exposure. After a fire or water damage incident, smoke particles and mold spores may be spread throughout the building. At ServiceMaster 24 Hour, we specialize in odor elimination. Our air scrubbers and thermal fogging technique will clean and deodorize the air inside your building, so it remains healthy and safe. No matter what type of odor you are experiencing, we have the training and equipment to remediate the problem, such as:
  • Soot and smoke smells from fires
  • Mold smells from water damage
  • Smells caused by inadequate ventilation
  • Chemical smells
  • Cigarette smells

Content and Packing

After an unanticipated disaster, the onsite cleaning process can be complex. In instances where the damage is significant, it makes sense to have valuable documents, equipment and other items packed and transported to a remote location. Storage facilities are equipped with specialized tools used to refurbish valuables in a properly controlled environment. The goal is to restore your essential business equipment, data, and inventory to pre-disaster condition. At ServiceMaster 24 Hour, we strive to preserve the original integrity, appearance, and smell of every item. Our pack-in and pack-out process is carried out by trained packing professionals who understand how to handle sensitive items, so they are not subjected to additional damage. Every piece is inventoried and monitored throughout the procedure to ensure its safe return. Some of the items we clean, pack and restore include the following:
  • Electronics
  • Documents
  • Office furniture
  • Blinds and shades
  • Rugs

Your Full Service Cleaning and Restoration Service

The experts at ServiceMaster 24 Hour provide comprehensive remediation, cleaning and restoring services, including hoarding restoration, document drying, and climate controlled storage. If you have an unexpected disaster, we’re available 24/7 to handle any emergency.

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