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The COVID-19 pandemic has reached every corner of the United States, including Tampa, FL, and the surrounding areas. A person can cough or sneeze infectious viruses even before they feel sick. More worrisome is someone without symptoms transferring the virus unknowingly. Those viruses land on surfaces throughout your home or business, and the next person to pass through can touch those surfaces and get infected. To combat viruses like COVID-19, we offer professional disinfection services.

Scientifically-Proven Disinfection Products

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, certain disinfectants offer 99.9 percent effectiveness against SARS coronavirus variant 2, the virus that causes COVID-19. We use a combination of hydrogen peroxide and silver ions. These are two of the 40 disinfectants approved by the EPA for professional disinfection of surfaces in homes and buildings.

Our Thorough Disinfection Process

We understand the need for discretion, and we arrive on time and maintain your privacy. When we enter your home or business, we identify all of the high-touch surfaces. These are areas that are most likely to spread viruses and COVID-19 to people. We isolate and disinfect those areas. Our cleaners then proceed to disinfecting all other surfaces, including tables and chairs, switches and knobs, phones and handsets, refrigerator and microwave handles and more. Our entire disinfection process only takes one hour, and you can use your home or business as soon as we’re finished.

Safety Procedures We Follow

We follow all safety guidelines from the Florida Department of Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Environmental Protection agency. Our deep-cleaning protocols ensure that your home or business is safe for everyone. We offer pre-contamination protocols as well as post-contamination protocols. If an employee, resident or guest is diagnosed with COVID-19, our post-contamination deep cleaning removes the COVID-19 virus from your building. Our techniques minimize any interaction between our cleaners and your family, employees or customers.

To learn more about how we protect your home or business from viruses and COVID-19, check out our professional disinfection services, or call us today for additional details.


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