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The air inside your Tampa, Florida, home could have more pollutants than the air outside. Modern homes are mostly airtight, so chemicals from household cleaners, dust, pet dander, and microorganisms often build up in the air over time and reduce your indoor air quality. Keeping your indoor air quality high will help you prevent health problems, save energy, and avoid unpleasant smells.

Preventing Health Problems

Poor indoor air quality can lead to asthma or allergy symptoms, fatigue, trouble concentrating, rashes, and many other health issues. You or one of your family members could get frequent colds, ear infections, or other issues. You might even feel better when you leave your home. If you notice any of these symptoms, have your home’s indoor air quality tested by a company that can remove contaminants.

Saving Energy

If your indoor air quality is low, then dust, dirt, and pests are more likely to reduce your HVAC system’s airflow by clogging ductwork and air filters. To prevent this, you should have your ductwork cleaned regularly by a professional and change your heater or air conditioner’s air filter at least every few months. Excess moisture can make the air in your home feel warmer, forcing you to use your air conditioner more to stay comfortable. A dehumidifier will let you save energy by using your AC less.

Avoiding Unpleasant Smells

Biological growth can lead to a musty smell that’s difficult to get rid of, and dust can cause sneezing and runny noses. Pests in your ductwork often produce unpleasant smells as well. People often get used to bad smells over time. The odor may seem to fade, but guests will still notice it unless you have the source of the problem removed.

ServiceMaster 24 Hour provides a variety of services that can improve your indoor air quality, including duct cleaning. Call us at 727-201-0499 or 813-603-2001 for a detailed evaluation of your home and more information from our experienced experts.

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