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Are you faced with the messy, hazardous task of dealing with crime scene cleanup in the Tampa, Florida, area? Rather than cleaning it yourself, hiring our team of professionals at ServiceMaster 24 Hour is a better option. Crime scene cleanup requires special skills and training to perform and usually requires high-powered disinfectants. When professionals clean up a crime scene, they remove all traces of contaminants, avoiding health issues that can be harmful and costly. Our professionals work quickly and efficiently, saving hours of your valuable time.

Personal Protection Equipment

At ServiceMaster 24 Hour, our teams use proper personal protection equipment (PPE) to avoid contamination during crime scene cleanup. Common PPE necessary during crime scene cleanup includes, but is not limited to, full-body plastic suits, multiple layers of gloves, biohazard boots, and filtered respirators.

Removal of All Contaminants

Even the smallest amount of biohazardous matter left at a scene can cause future occupants to get sick years after the incident, so it’s important to clean as deep as the contamination goes. Depending on the incident, this may include removing sections of carpet, soaked materials, cabinetry, floors, walls, or entire structures themselves.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Workers use a variety of tools to assist in cleaning up pathogenic materials including steel drums, biohazard bins, and heavy-duty plastic bags. In addition to traditional cleaning tools, they also use long-handled scrub brushes and putty knives to scrape off dry, hardened matter. When a putty knife is ineffective, a truck-mounted steam machine is used. Hospital-grade disinfectant and industrial-strength deodorizers are also used, removing all traces of the incident.

Transportation and Disposal

Transporting and properly disposing of biohazardous materials is expensive, federally regulated, and best handled by professionals. Biohazardous waste must be transported in regulated drums or trucks and can only be dumped or disposed of in limited places and in limited ways.

When faced with crime scene cleanup, don’t go it alone. Call us at ServiceMaster 24 Hour at 813-603-2001 in Hillsborough, 727-201-0499 in Pasco, or 727-201-0499 in Pinellas County. Our trained professionals are available 24 hours a day and are ready to help you through any unexpected tragedy you might encounter.

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