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Hoarding is a mental disorder that causes people to have an attachment to their belongings, even if the items are unusable or worthless. This causes them to acquire items they don’t need to the point where their whole home is filled with stuff, creating an unsafe living environment. Below are a few things that hoarding does to homes.

Increased Fire Hazards

One of the main dangers that hoarding creates is an increased risk of fire. There’s an increased amount of flammable material, and rodents can cause fires by chewing through wires. The hoarded material makes it difficult for firefighters to navigate the home to save people inside.

Impacts Indoor Air Quality

Hoarding leads to poor indoor air quality inside the home, leading to a potentially dangerous situation. Some of the hoarded material can block air vents, which raises carbon dioxide levels. Decaying material releases ammonia, which causes respiratory issues and other health problems.

Pest Infestations

Rotting and decomposing items inside a hoarder’s home attracts pests. These pests range from roaches, rats, flies, and other animals. These animals build nests, leave droppings everywhere, and breed inside the home.

Poor Sanitary Conditions

Animal waste from pets or pests creates an ideal breeding ground for disease and bacteria, which contaminates everything in the home, from bedding to food. Decomposing items, whether it’s food, trash, waste, or dead animals, compromises the immune system of those who live there, causing illness and disease.

Structural Damage

Hoarding doesn’t only impact the health of the hoarder but also affects the condition of the home. Rodents and mold damage woodwork and the internal structure of the home, as well as the insulation. Water damage is also common, weakening supports, floors, and roofs.

We understand that a hoarding situation affects everyone. Contact ServiceMaster 24 Hour today to experience our three-phase process that turns you away from feeling overwhelmed and moves you forward to a clutter-free life with our hoarding removal services.

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