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Mold is an unfortunately common problem in Bradenton, Florida. Because we deal with humidity throughout the year, mold finds all kinds of nice, humid spots in the dark corners of our homes. Issues like plumbing leaks or roof leaks exacerbate the problem. If you think you see mold, you should call us immediately. Getting rid of it is a complex job. Trying to clean your belongings of mold spores is unsafe for your health, and less effective than having a professional do it.


We start by inspecting your home for visible signs of mold. If we find evidence, we also create reports that you can show your insurance company. If the area is smaller than 10 square feet, we continue the remediation process. If it’s larger, we contain it and notify your insurance company. For a large infestation, you will need additional testing from an environmental service to determine the degree of contamination.


We use infrared detection and a variety of other technologies to find and contain the mold in your home. You might be tempted to paint over it on your own with store-bought chemicals, but leave that to us. We have environmentally friendly materials we use to remediate the situation.


Our final step is to clean. We use an anti-microbial to clean your air and keep more from growing. We remove affected carpeting and drywall. We also clean your belongings to get any spores out. It’s thorough and effective. Our chemicals won’t harm your fabrics, so we can clean your furniture and your clothing without damaging it.

Don’t wait. At the first sign, call ServiceMaster 24 Hour. As our name suggests, we’ll answer the phone day or night and get started on mold remediation as soon as possible. You don’t want to be breathing in those spores or letting the colony grow past the current infestation. You can reach us at 813-603-2001.

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