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There are few things worse than waking up, walking out the door, and finding toilet paper strewn across your trees or graffiti sprayed over your garage. Once you’ve had your moment of pure frustration and perhaps called the Tampa, Florida, Police Department, you’ll want to start cleaning up the mess. But when it comes to cleaning up vandalism, you want to make sure it’s done right. Knowing what you can do to restore things to the way they once were and what you should leave to professionals can save you time, energy, and money during a vandalism cleanup.

What You Can Clean

Ultimately, what you can and can’t clean comes down to the scale of the vandalism. For example, if you find you’ve been toilet-papered or that egg yolks pepper the sides of your home, you can start cleaning, but you’ll need to get to work quickly. The longer the eggs remain untouched, the harder they will be to remove, especially when it’s hot. Spray the sides of your house with a garden hose, or scrub problem areas with cool, soapy water.

You’ll also want to clean up toilet paper as soon as possible since it’s not only ugly on your property but rain can also leave white, soaked material all over the lawn. Don’t just try to tear off the toilet paper; it can rip easily and become even more difficult to remove. Instead, use a leaf blower to lift the sheets off the branches.

What to Leave to Professionals

Eggs and toilet paper are simple enough to clean, but graffiti is another story. Removing paint the wrong way can cause damage, and simply painting over the vandalized areas isn’t very effective. For such crimes, it’s better to call professionals to safely restore your home to its previous condition.

Did you wake up to obscenities or unwanted “artwork” on your garage door? For vandalism and cleanup services, call ServiceMaster Restore at 813-603-2001.

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