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While the Tampa, Florida, area is generally a safe place to live, there are steps everyone should take to improve the safety of your home. Use the following tips to protect your property from vandals looking to create a mess.

Install a Security Camera

When you go to work or leave for vacation, this is the perfect time for vandals to strike. Luckily, a security camera can act as an extra set of eyes to keep your home safe. Many security cameras these days automatically alert you via your smartphone whenever they detect motion. This allows you to tune in to the live video feed to see what’s happening in your yard. If necessary, you can trigger the alarm or call the police to scare intruders off.

Add Landscaping and Lighting

Often, vandals prowl a neighborhood first before striking. They’ll be on the lookout for great places to hide, like shadowy corners or big bushes. Take away their cover by trimming or removing any overgrown hedges or flower beds you have in your yard. Additionally, consider planting some thorny plants or bushes to make them think twice about using your yard as a hiding place.

Finally, outdoor lighting is a great way to completely eliminate hiding spots. It lets you always see what’s going on so no one can sneak onto your property.

Clean Up Right Away

Many vandals draw graffiti because they like the lasting impact it has. They want their handiwork to be noticed far and wide. Therefore, by cleaning up the mess right away, you are taking away some of their satisfaction. They will be less likely to hit your home in the future because they know their tags won’t last long.

When it comes to cleaning up after a vandalism, you simply can’t handle everything on your own. That’s why ServiceMaster 24 Hour is here to help. We offer professional vandalism cleanup services to take care of the entire process from start to finish. If your home has suffered an attack of vandalism, don’t wait — call us today at 813-603-2001 (Tampa), 727-201-0499 (Pinellas), or 727-201-0499 (Pasco).

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