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Problems with hoarding can take time to develop, and when they do, the dangers can be serious in your Tampa, Florida, home. The condition which prevents people from discarding and clearing out possessions they no longer need creates cramped living conditions and poses dangers unless a professional hoarding cleanup is sought.

Fire Risk

A cluttered home is a fire hazard. A fire can start without anyone noticing it, and with a lot of flammable material around to act as fuel, it can spread rapidly throughout a house. Usually, materials that are fire hazards are piled up around the house, even on top of ignition sources like stoves or heaters. The clutter will also attract vermin who see a free buffet and cause damage to electrical wires, further amplifying the risk.

Fall Risk


With entrances, exit points, and hallways often stacked tall with boxes, moving around a house with hoarding is challenging at best. There are generally numerous trip hazards on the ground, and with piles and stacks everywhere, they can also be difficult to spot. Additionally, stacks can fall over without notice, adding to the hazardous paths. If a person falls in this kind of environment, they risk further injury from boxes and piles of things falling on top of them.

Hoarding Health Risks

Often what makes a person with a hoarding issue sick the fastest are the poor sanitary conditions caused by a large number of possessions stashed inside a home, making cleaning difficult or impossible. Dirt can gather in hard to reach places, turning into the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Decomposing items can attract mice and rats which often bring disease and viruses. Their urine can raise levels of ammonia and cause problems for those with respiratory issues.

At ServiceMaster 24 Hour, we can handle all your hoarder house cleaning and rubbish removal. Our team uses proven methods to help homeowners regain control of their life. Call us on 813-603-2001 for help from our friendly and compassionate experts.

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