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Hoarding is more than clutter. It’s a life-altering issue for whoever is afflicted with it in Tampa Bay, FL. In the following article, we explain the five levels of hoarding.

Level One

If you’re a level one hoarder, you don’t have much clutter. Instead, your main issue is accumulating too many items. Even though all exits are accessible and the home is sanitary, you may still need to address your level one disorder.

Level Two

Second-level hoarders have more visible clutter. Full garbage cans and dirty dishes are a few signs of a level two hoard. Animal waste from a new rodent infestation or hidden biological contamination might cause a slight odor.

Level Three

The next level of hoarding, level three, includes the beginnings of clutter outside of the home and more pronounced odors. Piles of clothing and other possessions make your living area unsanitary and hazardous to your health. You also have at least one room, typically the bedroom or bathroom, that you can’t use due to excess clutter.

Level Four

You might rely on paper plates and plastic utensils as a level four hoarder because you don’t have any usable dishes or silverware. You have some expired food and an insect infestation. Emergency medical services personnel can’t safely enter your home because clutter blocks their way.

Level Five

If you live in a level five home, your hoarding issue is severe enough to affect the structure of your home. You might have excessive pets or collect urine in bottles because you’re unable to access the toilet. You can also face Tampa Bay, FL legal charges for animal abuse, infestations, and other issues.

If you’re somewhere on the hoarding continuum, you’re not alone. Hoarding affects individuals in all neighborhoods and of all ages. Call us at ServiceMaster 24 Hour and we’ll gladly help you or a family member handle the hoard so you can enjoy your home.

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