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Water leaks from burst pipes and other potentially avoidable plumbing-related can cause extensive damage in a very short time, with mold quickly becoming a secondary issue. That’s why it’s important to understand the measures you can take to keep your Tampa Bay Area home as safe as possible from these accidents.

Basic Preventive Measures

Some smart tactics you can use to help prevent household damage from water-related mishaps are listed below:

  • Never leave your washer or dishwasher running while no one is at home. If the worst happens, someone must act quickly to minimize damage.
  • Replace your water heater before it wears out and rusts through. A good rule of thumb is to replace it every 10 years.
  • Check for water leaks under sinks periodically. Also check the caulk around bathtubs, sinks and showers and replace if damaged.
  • Check washer and dishwasher hoses periodically and replace when worn. Consider switching to stainless steel hoses.
  • Prevent burst pipes due to freezing by keeping your thermostat set to 55 degrees F or higher while you’re away.
  • Have rooftop or attic air conditioners serviced yearly to prevent breakdowns and water leakage.

Water Damage Prevention Technology

For additional safety, you may want to invest in one or more of the following water damage prevention technologies:

  • Water Alarm: Alerts you when it senses moisture in your home
  • Individual Appliance Moisture Sensor: Turns off water supply to the appliance in the event of a leak
  • Whole House Leak Detection System: Turns off main water supply valve when a leak is detected

When Damage Can’t Be Avoided

If, despite all your efforts, you do experience unexpected moisture-related damage, you’ll be happy to know that our technicians are available around the clock to help. Learn what you can expect in the aftermath of a water-related household accident, or call ServiceMaster 24 Hour for answers to your questions or immediate help in a water-related emergency: Hillsborough 813-603-2001 or Pinellas 727-201-0499.


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