24/7 Emergency Services

TAMPA, April 15, 2020 – The American economy is mostly shut down except for sectors deemed “essential.” That group includes, among others, healthcare facilities, grocery stores and… cleaning services.

Companies like ServiceMaster 24 Hour are still on the job and active because of the services they provide, among them sanitizing and disinfecting. While some cleaning companies have lost significant chunks of business due to the closings of offices and schools, experienced providers like ServiceMaster are being sought by businesses and facilities that need infection-fighting expertise.

“There is a significant need for the services we provide,” said Scott Hudson, owner of ServiceMaster 24 Hour in Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas Counties of Florida. “We are very busy helping other essential services stay open and safe. In fact, we’ve had to hire and train additional technicians to meet the demand.”

The need for sanitizing and disinfecting is urgent right now as healthcare providers such as nursing homes, walk-in clinics and emergency responders must remain open and safe for their patients and staff. Other businesses such as banks and hospitals are seeking expanded services from vendors such as ServiceMaster 24 Hour.

The demand may not subside for a while as the number of infected persons increases significantly each day. Also, research has indicated that the COVID-19 virus can survive for many days on non-porous surfaces.

“Our services are vital for some businesses right now,” said Steve Zimmerman, Director of Healthcare Services for ServiceMaster Clean. “In the healthcare industry, we are helping keep the healthcare workers healthy, like those in senior living and outpatient facilities. Our role is to help break the chain of infection.”

The need for cleaning and disinfecting are nothing new for ServiceMaster; the company has been around for more than six decades.

“This is something that we study and train for constantly,” said Peter Duncanson, Director of Commercial Operations for ServiceMaster Restore. “Our vision statement says we care, we serve and we deliver, and that we will be there when our customers and communities need us most. Now is that time.”

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