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Unfortunately, Tampa, Florida, and the surrounding area is one of the most vulnerable places in the United States prone to flooding and hurricane damage. Even if you live in a neighborhood that’s never flooded before, you should know how to handle sewer problems, a broken pipe, and other common causes of water damage. After your home has been flooded, you should make safety a top priority, document everything, and contact your insurance company.

Make Safety a Top Priority

If flooding is severe, shut off your electricity, leave your home, and stay with a relative or at a hotel until the flood waters recede. When you return, look through the windows to make sure your walls, ceilings, and floors are still structurally sound. If any rooms don’t look safe, have a professional check them before you enter. Wear protective clothing like rubber boots and gloves when you clean or throw away damaged items and get rid of any food near flood water. Avoid open flames, leave, and call a professional immediately if you smell gas.

Document Everything

Before you start repairs, take lots of pictures of the damage. Don’t forget inconspicuous places like underneath rugs, inside closets, and under sinks. Communicate with water damage remediation and other professionals through email when possible and take notes during phone calls. That way, you’ll have proof of the damage and a record of all communication about your home.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Many homeowners’ insurance policies cover flooding from thunderstorms, backed up city sewers and storm drains, broken sump-pumps, or burst pipes. However, you may need separate flood insurance to get coverage for other types of floods. Many mortgages require it in regions prone to flooding. Speak with your insurance company as soon as possible after a flood so that you can get the money needed for repairs quickly.

ServiceMaster 24 Hour has 15 years of water damage mitigation experience. We can make your home comfortable again, even after a disaster. Call us anytime at 727-201-0499 or 813-603-2001 for expert service.

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