24/7 Emergency Services

On Sept 13 after Hurricane Irma, there was widespread damage through the Tampa Bay area and almost everyone was without power.

At 11:00 am, Bob Mattull from Dockside Roofing ran into the lobby of ServiceMaster 24 Hour frantic, asking for a generator for an assisted living facility. The power was out throughout the building. It was dark and getting warmer without air conditioning. The elderly residents were uncomfortable in the dark and the temperature inside the building was already very hot and humid.

Unfortunately, ServiceMaster 24 Hour had already utilized all generators for the numerous jobs coming in. We later found out that Bob’s mom is a resident at this facility so it was a personal matter for him also.

Cedrick Wilson of Service Master 24 Hour called a friend of his at Dallas 1 Roofing, Bart Azzarelli. Bart was able to provide one last generator to help the facility. They delivered the generator, hooked it up, and made sure it was running properly. The generator and resulting cool air was a welcome relief to all of the residents

Cedrick and Bart give credit to their faith and trust in God. Cedrick humbly told me he is only a messenger for God’s work.

“Later, I stopped by Bob’s office to follow-up, but they were not open”, said Cedrick. “I then stopped by the assisted living facility. The manager was in a meeting, but the assistant took my information and said she would call back. Although I did not hear from the manager, the assistant confirmed the generator had restored power to the main lobby so employees and residents did not have to work or live in the dark and heat.”


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