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Mold can cause ugly black, brown, or green stains on your walls, floors, ceilings, and furniture. It can also grow underneath carpeting or inside your HVAC system’s ductwork. If you notice an unpleasant musty smell or increased asthma or allergy symptoms in your Tampa, Florida, home, you could have a mold problem. A professional specializing in mold removal should be contacted to remove mold and repair any damage. Common mold removal methods include using fans and dehumidifiers, removing damaged items, and choosing safe cleaners.

Using Fans and Dehumidifiers

A mold remediation company like ServiceMaster 24 Hour can bring large portable fans and dehumidifiers into your home to remove moisture. Mold thrives in high humidity, and these devices can keep it from returning after water damage from a flood or a leaky pipe. Drying out your home can also prevent you from having to replace some of your belongings or furniture.

Removing Damaged Items

Unfortunately, some items may be too damaged or moldy to keep without complex restoration. You could need to remove and replace some sections of drywall, furniture, and flooring. This is often faster, easier, and less expensive than trying to make repairs. It’s also safer because you can remove more mold spores from your home.

Using Cleaners Safely

Many commercial cleaners contain VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, that can cause the same health problems as mold. You can make sure that cleaning increases your family’s comfort by using natural substances like water, baking soda, or vinegar. Sanosil uses an advanced formula to kill bacteria, and then it decomposes into water and oxygen. It’s safe to use around food, in hospitals, and near children. If you paint or refinish any walls, floors, or furniture, make sure you have plenty of ventilation.

ServiceMaster 24 Hour has 15 years of mold remediation and damage mitigation experience. We can help you keep your family comfortable by removing mold and making your home look great. Call us anytime at 727-201-0499 or 813-603-2001 for excellent service from our experts.

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