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Fire safety in the home is a major concern for busy individuals in the Tampa, Florida area. Whether you’re concerned about a fire happening while you sleep at night or you’re away from home, it’s important to take steps to not only prevent a fire but react quickly if one should occur. Here are the top two fire prevention investments for your home.

Smart Fire Alarms and Cameras

Traditional fire alarms can effectively warn you of a fire when you’re at home, giving you some much needed time to get to safety. If a fire occurs while you’re away, you still need to be informed so you can react and potentially save your home and belongings from a complete loss. Internet-connected smart fire alarms are a great solution. With these installed, if your alarm detects a possible fire, you can receive notifications on your mobile device. Pairing these smart alarms with an interior camera allows you to quickly check in on your home and assess the situation. If there is no fire, many smart alarms can be remotely disarmed. If there is, though, you’ll be equipped to quickly respond and alert emergency services.

Professional Emergency Monitoring

Even with a smart alarm system installed, it may not always be possible for you to check your phone when you receive a notification. Consider investing in a professional monitoring company that can automatically dispatch the fire department if you are unable to respond. When a fire occurs, rapid response can be the difference between property damage and a complete loss.

What to Do in the Event of a Fire

If a fire does occur while you’re at home, it’s important to be prepared. Think and discuss these important points with your household:
  • Know your exits and have a plan in place
  • Set a rallying point outside of the home
  • Keep valuable belongings within easy reach
  • Stay low to avoid smoke
  • Check door knobs for heat before opening a door
For more information on fire prevention and response, contact a local professional. These experts can help you assess your home and develop a customized fire safety system. Image provided by Shutterstock

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