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Florida’s hurricane season lasts from June 1 through November 31. The Gulf Coast is particularly susceptible to hurricane damage, with Tampa Bay ranking as the most vulnerable metropolitan area in the country for storm surge floods. Advance planning can help you prepare for the storm, weather it well, and clean up wisely when the hurricane passes.

Secure Your Building

Make sure your home is prepared for severe storm weather well before hurricane season arrives. Secure gutters and drain spouts, reinforce the roof and install storm shutters. Keep a portable generator on hand for power outages and stock a disaster supply kit with first aid supplies, flashlights, batteries, and copies of critical documents in a watertight storage box.

Be Ready for Disaster

Stay alert during hurricane season so you’re prepared for impending storms. Check for text or email alert systems in your community that will give you prompt updates. Know your evacuation routes in case you have to leave home, and set up a communication plan with friends and family members so you can stay in touch in an emergency. If there’s any threat of an approaching storm, stock up on essentials like canned food and clean water early. If you wait too long, you’ll find store shelves bare.

Plan for Prompt Clean-Up

Even the best-prepared home can end up under water after a hurricane or severe storm. If your home suffers water damage, make sure water remediation hits the top of your to-do list. Florida’s hot, humid climate provides the perfect setting for mold growth. It’s crucial that you remove the water and dry out your home as soon as possible. Contact a professional restoration service to handle the situation. Proper water remediation includes water extraction, thorough drying, mold removal, and an anti-microbial application to prevent future growth. Stay prepared for storm and hurricane season by keeping our number close at hand so you know who to call if you need emergency water remediation. Contact ServiceMaster Restore at 813-603-2001 in Hillsborough County, and 727-201-0499 in Pinellas and Pasco Counties for fast restoration services when you need them most.

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