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Experiencing a fire in your Tampa, Florida, home is scary and can leave you disoriented. Once the fire is extinguished, start making these phone calls to help get your life restored.

Your Insurance Company

After the fire is out, you’re probably pretty overwhelmed, but unfortunately, you need to start the process of getting your home restored. Making that first call will get the process going to get the insurance payout for the damage to your home. The first call will get your insurance the preliminary information for the fire with follow-up calls and appointments. Take pictures of the damage to have for your files although the insurance adjustor will take their own photos as well.

Be meticulous keeping records during this process so you don’t experience headaches later. Make sure your adjuster also has your forwarding address and correct phone number on file for further communication. 

Damage Restoration 

Your insurance company may recommend a damage restoration company, but do your research for the best price and quality for this process. The damage restoration company will board up your house, if needed, to prevent outside elements from causing further damage. If the damage is extensive, it’s not safe for you to attempt the clean up yourself, which is why a damage restoration company is also valuable. The sooner you contact the damage restoration company, the better chance of preventing further damage to your home and possessions. 

Close Family and Friends

After a fire, you’re going to need the love and support of your family and friends. Make sure you make those calls before anyone hears about it through gossip or social media. Make sure your family knows where you are staying and how to get in touch with you. Don’t be afraid to accept any offers to help watch your children or furry friends during this difficult time. It’s easy to get overwhelmed quickly when dealing with a fire.

If you’ve experienced a fire or have damage to your home, ServiceMaster Restore are the people to call. Contact us at 813-503-2001 to speak to an experienced professional today.

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