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The aftermath of a Tampa, FL, house fire can involve considerable destruction, but the damage doesn’t stop when the fire goes out. Everything in your home, from wood floors, draperies, electronics and furniture to appliances, walls, carpeting, and countertops can be harmed by smoke, and if the damage isn’t cleaned up immediately, it can escalate and destroy almost everything left in your home.

Why Cleanup Should Begin Immediately

For maximum smoke damage remediation, a professional cleanup team should be on the scene as quickly as safety permits. Your home will need extensive ventilation to begin the smoke removal process, and a professional team can clean up the damage caused by smoke before it gets worse. Left untreated, the damages will become widespread, smoke odors will intensify, and your restoration costs will escalate. If the damage is allowed to progress for any length of time, you may need the services of a general contractor.

Why Smoke Cleanup Is Not A DIY Job

Breathing soot can cause medical emergencies, so do not attempt cleanup yourself. Wait for the professionals to arrive; they will assess the situation and develop a plan of action. Besides the initial discoloration, smoke can cause corrosion, tarnish and etching. Effective smoke cleanup requires specialized procedures, preferably delivered by technicians who have been certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration. The Institute is an industry oversight agency with impeccable standards that certifies restoration technicians with proven smoke remediation skills.

Most homeowners’ insurance policies cover Tampa, FL, smoke, fire and soot damage cleanup after you pay the deductible, so there’s no reason to delay a call for help. We gladly work with all insurance companies to help you facilitate your insurance claim. To learn more about smoke damage remediation or to schedule emergency Tampa smoke cleanup service, visit ServiceMaster online or call (866) 623-6633.


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