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Nobody ever wants to live through a disaster, and we all wish we could exist safely in the world. Once a disaster has turned your office upside down, take the necessary steps to preserve your documents and other items and get your business back in order. Leave packing and storing your stuff in Clearwater, Florida, to the pros. We’ll keep your things safe until it’s time to unpack them again.

Onsite Cleaning Is Complicated

Figuring out how to clean out your office after a hurricane, fire, or flood is complicated. Every natural disaster is different, as is every building. Part of assessing the full damage is getting a look at the space without any clutter inside. Plus, the cleaning process itself has to happen while everything is removed, and it just makes sense to have professionals take care of moving your stuff from within a damaged office.

Storage Facilities Have Restoration Services

When we pack, remove, and store your stuff, we aren’t just letting it sit in boxes. The storage facilities we use have refurbishment technology that will preserve your documents and restore as much of your equipment to pre-disaster conditions as possible. Leaving damaged items in storage can cause more data loss and more damage. Get it to us so we can save everything possible to save.

Professional Help Removes Stress

You’re experiencing tons of stress right now dealing with what’s happened. The last thing you need is the added difficulty of packing your own stuff, especially if it’s damaged from the disaster. Trust us to handle it; we know how to treat office equipment that’s been through a disaster to preserve as much as possible.

Your documents, whether electronic or paper, are important to your business. ServiceMaster 24 Hour has the expertise and technology to preserve and store as many documents as possible after a disaster has struck your business. We’ll help you recover from this terrible thing and get back on track. Call 24/7 at 727-201-0499.

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