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Your Tampa, Florida, home could sustain damage from a fire, a hurricane, a broken water heater, or many other occurrences. Unfortunately, it is impossible to prevent every issue. Stay safe after home damage by checking for structural problems, avoiding hazards, and contacting a professional.

Check for Structural Issues

Check your roof for dents, broken shingles, and leaks. If you can see damage, have it repaired by an expert. You should also check your foundation, siding, gutters, downspouts, storage shed, garage and attic. Making repairs as soon as possible can prevent unstable walls or floors from further damage, plus keep people from breaking in through broken doors or windows.

Avoid Hazards

If you notice more than superficial damage or there’s a lot of water, stay somewhere else until you can get repairs. You should also turn off the home’s electricity, even if the power isn’t working. That way, you won’t have to worry about uninsulated wiring or standing water causing a dangerous shock when the lights come back on. When it’s safe and possible, check appliances like your air conditioner, your washing machine, and your dishwasher to make sure they’re undamaged and working well. Also, look for pests and biological growth and try not to touch wet items. Rain or flood water could contain sewage or bacteria.

Contact a Professional

Toxins in a damaged home could harm your health, so you should make sure that all of them are eliminated during repairs. A damage mitigation professional like ServiceMaster 24 Hour can help you relocate and restore your precious personal items after a fire or flood. They can also help you test for harmful substances and remove them safely. They will use a variety of specialized equipment like large pumps and fans for removing moisture.

ServiceMaster 24 Hour has over 15 years of residential and commercial emergency restoration experience. We’re committed to restoring peace of mind for all our customers, and can help you repair your home and stay safe after any disaster. For friendly, reliable service, call us anytime at 813-603-2001.

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