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From severe thunderstorms and high-tide floods to major weather events such as hurricanes, natural disasters can affect St. Petersburg, Florida, during any season. While you can keep your family safe by following an emergency plan and using a hurricane kit, your home may need extensive recovery and restoration after experiencing an extreme weather event. Follow these four steps to recover your home after a natural disaster.

Inspect Your Home Before Going Inside

If you evacuated your home prior to a hurricane, flood, or another natural disaster, always inspect your home’s exterior before venturing inside. No matter how eager you are to check the interior damage, you should always look for hazards that may cause injury. If you see downed wires, floodwater, or structural problems, for example, you should not go inside.

Monitor the Gas and Electricity

Next, check for gas leaks and electricity issues. If you smell or hear a gas leak, leave your home and turn off the gas at the main valve. Shut off the electricity at the main fuse box and look for signs of damage to the electrical system or appliances. If you suspect that there is damage, you should have an electrician inspect the system before you turn on the lights or plug in any appliances.

Schedule a Professional Cleanup

Even if the floodwater recedes naturally, it can leave behind serious destruction. From rotting wood and cracked furniture to ruined carpet, flooding can affect almost every corner of your home. Schedule professional water damage restoration immediately to help with water removal, duct inspection, cleaning, and more.

Replace Important Records

After a hurricane or flood, you’ll want to prioritize replacing damaged or lost documents and records. Start with your birth certificate, and then replace your driver’s license, marriage certificate, Social Security card, and passport. Check with your county or state office to confirm how and where to get each document.

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