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Mold problems are a serious issue in the home, but it’s one that’s not always readily apparent. Visible mold is an obvious presentation of the problem, but there are other signs you may have mold hidden in the home. Watch out for these subtle indicators of mold growth in your Pinellas, Florida, home, so you can take action to quickly clean up the problem.

Follow Your Nose

Mold often causes a musty odor. If your home suddenly has that heavy, dusty smell you might associate with old, poorly maintained buildings, mold could be at the root of the problem. Inspect your home carefully to see if you can pinpoint an area where the smell is more noticeable. Begin looking for any water damage or other indicators of potential mold and mildew in this area.

Watch for Physical Symptoms

Mold can cause a variety of unpleasant physical symptoms in those who are exposed to the growth. Household mold can cause inhabitants to get headaches, allergy flare-ups, frequent asthma attacks, fatigue, skin rashes, runny nose, and sneezing. If these symptoms persist without an obvious cause, you should start investigating your home for mold.

These symptoms are also associated with poor indoor air quality from other irritants like dust, pet dander, and pollen. Installing an air cleaner, changing your HVAC filter, or scheduling regular heating and air conditioning maintenance can help you rule out other air quality problems.

Get Professional Help

If you believe you may have mold in the house but you can’t find it yourself, contact a professional for an inspection. Air quality tests are available that will clue you in to the presence of mold so you can make a positive identification and plan your next course of action. 

If you believe you have mold growth in your home, don’t wait to schedule professional remediation. The longer you wait, the worse the problem might become. Contact ServiceMaster Restore at 727-201-0499to schedule prompt mold removal services for your home.

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