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Mold spores can exist in both indoor and outdoor air. However, it’s indoor mold that grows and thrives in your Tampa, FL, home that can present some serious health hazards for you and your family. Continue reading to discover why mold in your home is so risky and why mold remediation is so important.

Aggravating Allergy Symptoms

Whether stemming from water damage, excess moisture or dirty HVAC vents, mold spores can easily get into the air in a high enough amount inside your Tampa, FL, home to affect family members with allergies. While not everyone with allergies reacts to airborne mold spores, it can affect sensitive immune systems and contribute to symptoms that include serious nasal congestion, itchy/watery eyes, and other disruptive reactions.

Irritating Lungs and Causing Respiratory Problems

Mold can also get into the lungs and contribute to an assortment of respiratory ailments and conditions. Additionally, if you or someone else in your family has an existing lung issue, mold could worsen symptoms. Individuals with an already weakened immune system can be equally susceptible to developing lung-related problems because of mold exposure. According to Mayo Clinic, some invasive types of mold can spread from the lungs to other parts of the body, including the heart, kidneys, and brain.

Contributing to Serious Conditions in Healthy People

Just because family members are healthy doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from mold remediation efforts. Regular exposure to mold spores can contribute to the development of asthma, a condition called aspergillosis that’s related to a certain type of mold (aspergillus), allergic aspergillus sinusitis, bronchitis, and a sinus-related condition known as chronic rhinosinusitis.

If you suspect you have a mold issue in your home in Tampa, FL, or nearby areas, the team from ServiceMaster 24 Hour is here to help. We’ll take the steps necessary to mitigate the problem and restore your peace of mind. Contact us today to explore our mold remediation options.

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