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Air purifiers and air scrubbers are both portable air cleaning devices that remove dust, debris, microbes, and other harmful particulates from the air in your New Port Richey, Florida, home. The two technologies share several characteristics relating to how they work. Some of the differences involve their processes, while some come more from general understanding about how each machine works.

Air Scrubbers

Air scrubbers clean the air by passing it through a filter to remove it of contaminants and particulates. Two types of air scrubbers exist: wet and dry. Wet air scrubbers usually spray cleaning agent into the air to clean it. The agent is sometimes as simple as water.

A dry scrubber pulls the air through a series of filters made of fabric or carbon using a fan. The best air scrubbers use HEPA filters, which are powerful enough to remove bacteria and even some viruses from the air. Carbon filters are good for trapping and removing odors from the air.

Air Purifiers

Some people consider portable devices containing HEPA filters air purifiers. Sometimes the term “air scrubber” refers to industrial strength air purification, or to wet air scrubbers only. The best way to know is to get specific details about the air cleaner you’re going to be using.

One major difference between air scrubbers and air purifiers is ozone creation. Some air cleaners with the label “air purifier” create ozone gas as a way to kill particulates like spores and bacteria in the air. While ozone is very effective at cleaning this kind of contaminant from the air, it also exacerbates respiratory issues like asthma. Many people prefer to use HEPA filters instead of ozone devices.

If you’re still not sure what kind of cleaner you need for your air, don’t fret. ServiceMaster 24 Hour has air cleaners that will rid your home of many airborne particulates, from mold spores to smoke odors. Explain your problem and we’ll send over the right people and equipment to clean your air. Call us at 727-201-0499.

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