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Floodwater in your home is never an experience a homeowner wants to have. Not only do the floodwaters themselves make it dangerous to stay in the home, but the water damages belongings and ruins anything electrical. Here are some four steps to take when floodwaters have entered the electrical outlets in your St. Petersburg, FL, home.

Never Go Into a Home With Floodwaters

The first rule of safety after a flood is to never ever go into a flooded, or flood-damaged, home until it’s been cleared. You have to wait for either a licensed electrician, the utility company or the fire department to remove the electrical meter. This way you can guarantee that there is no power running to your home.

Ruined Electrical Equipment

Water and electricity don’t mix, especially for items such as fuse boxes, circuit panels, breakers switches, motors, lights, heaters, air conditioners and more. While you may have salvaged some appliances in the past, they’re risky and extremely dangerous to operate after they’ve been wet. The appliance or device could dry, but the components inside may be too damaged to operate safely.

Replace Insulated Appliances

Wet insulation is irreplaceable. This means if your insulated appliances, such as tank water heaters, fridges and other appliances need replacing, even if the water wasn’t at the level to reach the central units of appliances. It’s often just the motor or the compressor that’s been below the waterline, but that’s deep enough to destroy the appliance.

Some Good News

While you may have to replace all the outlets and switches in your home, this is an opportunity to upgrade your home electronics. This may include smart lights and smart thermostats.

At ServiceMaster 24 Hour, we are ready for anything our customers throw our way. If you’ve experienced a recent flood and need help St. Petersburg, FL to replace your electricals, look to us. Our licensed and insured technicians work with you to restore your peace of mind. Contact ServiceMaster 24 Hour today for a hassle-free quote to get your house back in working order after water damage.

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