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Stubborn household odors can interfere with your ability to relax and enjoy living in your Tampa Bay home. If you’ve tried everything to track down and eliminate the source of the odors and you still find yourself buying every kind of air freshener you can find without getting any closer to a solution, it may be time to have your air ducts inspected.

When Your HVAC Ductwork Harbors Odors

According to the EPA, mold can cause a musty odor, and one place where mold and other odor-causing substances can hide is in a building’s ductwork. Examining other parts of your home for mold growth is important, but if you have a forced air heating and cooling system, don’t stop short of investigating the possibility that mold may be growing somewhere in your HVAC ductwork.

If your ductwork is the source of the odors that are permeating your home, bear in mind that as long as you continue to heat or cool your home without correcting the problem, your HVAC system will continue to re-circulate these odors throughout your home every time you use it.

Eliminating the Odor Problem with Duct Cleaning

In Florida’s humid environment, it can sometimes be difficult to keep indoor humidity levels low enough to discourage mold growth — and that includes mold that grows inside your HVAC ducts, registers, air handlers and other HVAC system components. Because your home’s ductwork is the least accessible of these components, you’ll require a professional to inspect your HVAC air distribution system and track down whether mold or other undesirable and unhealthy substances are being delivered to every room in your home every time your HVAC system turns on. These substances may include dust, dirt, pollen and household pest wastes that have built up in your ductwork over time.

Learn more about how our professional duct cleaning service can eliminate odor-causing duct contamination on our website. You may also call us for answers to your questions about dirty air ducts or to schedule your ServiceMaster 24 Hour duct cleaning service. We provide this service to all homes and business in Tampa and the surrounding cities that include St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Brandon, Largo, Wesley Chapel, Sun City Center, Palm Harbor, New Port Richey and Oldsmar.


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