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Short for influenza, the flu is caused by viruses that can easily spread through homes and businesses in the Tampa Bay area. While the flu season is associated with the fall and winter months, flu activity begins when school starts and can last well into the spring. The respiratory illness makes everyone who catches it miserable, and in some extreme cases, it can even lead to death. At ServiceMaster 24 Hour, our disinfection services help keep this dangerous virus at bay.

Prevention and Control

By the time you notice someone is sick with the flu, the virus is already spreading. That’s because those affected by the flu can infect others before symptoms begin to show. The flu can be passed on up to 7 days after becoming infected. Keeping surfaces clean and sanitized helps stop the flu virus in its tracks. Proper disinfection can also help prevent the virus from gaining a toehold in the first place.

The Sanosil Solution

As restoration experts, our professionals know what it takes to re-establish a healthy indoor environment. It starts with choosing the right products to get the job done. For optimal results, we employ the Sanosil process for our virus and bacteria disinfection services. Sanosil technology amplifies the germ-killing power of hydrogen peroxide with silver ions. This approach weakens and destroys biological organisms on a cellular level. Additional benefits of the Sanosil method include:

  • The power-packed solution kills 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria, including pathogens that cause influenza.
  • The entire application process takes less than an hour, minimizing interruptions to your busy schedule.
  • Registered with the EPA, Sanosil is free of ingredients that can damage Florida’s ecosystems.

Professional Results

Serving Tampa Bay and the surrounding region since 2003, ServiceMaster 24 Hour has a long track record of proven results. We want our customers and neighbors to stay healthy this flu season. Explore the benefits of our virus and bacteria disinfection or call us at ServiceMaster Restore at 813-603-2001 for more information.


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