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Flu season presents many challenges for employers in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater, FL, from trying to keep employees healthy to properly handling those that become ill anyway. Widespread illness in the workplace impacts both productivity and the bottom line. Take smart steps to keep viral and bacterial outbreaks under control in your Tampa, Florida, office.

Implement a Business Contingency Plan

Every company needs a contingency plan for unexpected events, such as a serious outbreak of the flu or other illness. You may experience some disruption in your essential business functions if you have too many employees out sick at one time. If you don’t have a contingency plan already, develop one immediately so you’re well-prepared should the illness escalate. This plan should rely on top-down support to handle critical business functions. Keep the appropriate resources in reserve so executives can keep the company operational even in a worst-case scenario.

Educate Employees

Provide employee education that emphasizes the proper response to the flu and other illnesses, such as appropriate hygiene practices and cough etiquette. Encourage flu vaccinations and consider setting up on-site vaccines at work for a few days to ensure easy access. Stress the importance of taking sick days when ill to keep viruses from spreading as much as possible.

Eradicate the Virus

Once you have bacteria or viruses in the workplace, it’s difficult to get rid of the problem without professional help. Hand washing and commercial disinfectant sprays can only go so far. Eliminate the source of the problem thoroughly and efficiently by hiring a professional company to handle disinfection in the workplace. The process takes under an hour and will help you reclaim hours of productive work time by destroying a wide range of microscopic biological organisms. If you’re facing a hazardous outbreak in the workplace, stop the illness early by contacting ServiceMaster Restore at 813-603-2001. Our bacteria and virus disinfection services are fast, efficient, and affordable. We’ll help you reclaim your work environment and create a clean and healthy space once again.

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