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If you own a business in Tampa, Florida, it is imperative that you keep your building clean from viruses, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens. When there is a flu outbreak, it can rapidly spread throughout the building, potentially making everyone sick. Simply cleaning surfaces will not eradicate germs and viruses. At ServiceMaster Restore, we apply a revolutionary disinfectant that effectively kills and keeps germs from replicating, so your building remains healthy for employees and customers.

How Germs are Spread

When contaminated with bacteria and infected with a virus, you carry these germs with you everywhere. Every time you sneeze, cough, or touch objects, you are spreading the germs.

When working in a tightly sealed office building or public establishment, the pathogens are easily spread through the ducting system and by touching shared equipment. Regular disinfection of public buildings can help to reduce the spread of microorganisms.

Your Cleaning May Not be Effective Enough

You may think the methods you are using are sufficient for sanitizing your building. In reality, unless you are using the right products, the cleaning method has not completely eradicated the harmful pathogens. Simple washing surfaces with soap and water may help to remove germs, but it will not kill them.

Sanitizing helps to reduce the number of pathogens, yet still does not kill them. Only with the use of powerful, advanced disinfection solutions will germs and viruses be eradicated.

The Sanosil Solution

At ServiceMaster Restore, we use a high-technology disinfection solution that kills and eradicates germs and viruses. The patented Sanosil process uses hydrogen peroxide supercharged with silver ions. The solution is applied to surface areas, as well as hidden places, where the oxidizing powers of hydrogen peroxide kill the cells of the germs, and then the silver ions attack the cells’ metabolic and replication facilities. Sanosil products kill dangerous microorganisms and prevent them from becoming resistant superbugs in the future.

To keep your employees and customers healthy and productive, call ServiceMaster Restore to have your building disinfected. You can reach us at 813-603-2001.

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