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Water damage, vandalism, injuries, hoarding, and other issues with your Tampa, Florida, home can spread dangerous bacteria, viruses, and other biological growth. Sanosil is a blend of hydrogen peroxide and silver that destroys all kinds of germs. The ions in Sanosil promote the release of free radicals that attack cell membranes, killing microorganisms. It’s a popular choice for healthcare facilities because it decomposes into water and oxygen after about an hour. This means it’s safe to use around food and children, and it won’t harm the environment. Sanosil is an ideal choice for water treatment, disinfection, and odor elimination.

Water Treatment

Problems with pipes near or inside your home could allow bacteria, fungi, algae, and viruses into your tap water. There could even be a problem at your local water treatment facility. Many disinfectants can’t kill all the microorganisms in water, but Sanosil provides full disinfection and peace of mind.

Surface Disinfection

Microorganisms often grow on walls, underneath carpets, and even on furniture. The risk is even higher after water damage, a family illness, or many other problems. If your home is damaged or you need to clean up potentially biohazardous material like blood, contact a professional. ServiceMaster 24 Hour will remove damaged materials, clean affected surfaces with Sanosil, and help you restore the value of your home.

Odor Elimination

Cleaning the surfaces in your home and disinfecting them with Sanosil will prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms that can cause unpleasant smells like a rotting odor or a musty scent. It can also help you prevent allergy symptoms and colds. That way, your home can stay welcoming and comfortable, even after a broken refrigerator or a plumbing problem.

ServiceMaster 24 Hour has 15 years of residential and commercial cleanup, construction, and repair experience. Call us anytime at 813-603-2001 or 727-201-0499 for expert help from one of our friendly technicians. We can help you make your home comfortable and safe again after any damage.

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