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Damage to your Tampa, Florida, home due to water can have many causes. Damage comes from simple things like overflowing taps, to plumbing problems or flooding during a storm. Fixing this damage can be expensive, but being aware of the signs of this damage can save you money.

Causes of Water Damage

Water damage can come from several sources. Some sources of damage are bursting pipes, backing up plumbing systems, faulty household appliances, leaky crawl spaces, HVAC issues, and natural disasters. Recovering from these issues can be costly, but taking action early can be cost-effective in the long run.

Banging Pipes

Banging sounds against the wall can be an early sign or warning of plumbing problems. If water has corroded the fasteners for the pipes, the pipes may not be fastened and can bang against the walls each time water pressure flows through the pipes. The unfastened pipes may break and cause flooding within the walls.

Structural Water Damage

Water flooding can cause structural damage to your property such as cracks in the walls or in the foundation of the house. Look for leaks along these cracks, discoloration and paint bubbling in the walls, or discoloration and erosion in the foundation. Addressing the issue when it’s small can prevent major repair costs.

High Water Bills

High water bills are a sign you have leaking pipes that may lead to damage. Some cities or water providers may give you a warning if your water use is too high. Don’t rely on being warned. Always check your monthly water bill for possible issues.

Water Damaged Drywall

Damaged drywall can be due to water. Drywall that is damaged will be discolored, brittle, and will warp and bubble. There may be staining and damage to the underlying wood frame.

Musty Smells Due to Water Damage

Musty or “funky” smells may be a sign of damage due to water. Eliminating the cause of these odors early makes the house more healthy to live in and can prevent the cost of a major repair.

Damaged Ceilings

Ceilings that are damaged will be discolored, and typically show a water stain. Pieces of ceiling paint may flake off also.

If you suspect damage due to water, we would be happy to assess your problem and address any issue. Please contact the professional technicians at ServiceMaster 24 Hour in Tampa, Florida, at 813-603-2001 for help.

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