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Sewage backup in your Pinellas County, Florida, home is one of the most unfortunate events that can happen to a homeowner. It can disrupt every aspect of your daily and weekly routine, produce an unpleasant odor, and ruin some of your most cherished items. If your sewer backs up, you should immediately shut off the water and call a professional.

Don’t Use the Water

When your sewer backs up, resist the urge to continuously flush your toilet. Doing so only exacerbates the problem, causing even more significant water and sewage damage. If at all possible, shut the water off and wait to drain sinks and tubs until you deal with the problem.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Your first reaction after a sewer backup is to get rid of the smell and sterilize all the affected areas of your home. However, you need to do this without using harsh chemicals. Strong cleaning agents can damage your pipes and sewer lines, making the situation much worse. If possible, use natural products to alleviate the situation.

Stay Clear of Electrical Equipment

Sewage backups can create puddles of standing water throughout your home, so if there are any electrical components nearby, this can create a fire or electrocution hazard. If you can get to the electrical box, shut off the power. As a last resort, steer clear of the areas until the power gets turned off or the area is mopped.

Wear Protective Clothing

If you decide to start the cleanup process on your own, always wear protective clothing. The bacteria in sewage can cause significant health problems if it comes in contact with your body, so wear eye protection, gloves, boots, and coveralls.

A sewage backup is an unpleasant experience for everyone in your home, but you can still make the best of a bad situation by contacting ServiceMaster 24 Hour. With our restoration specialists, you can get back to normal life quicker than if you did it by yourself. Give us a call today at 727-201-0499.

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