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If you’re like most Tampa, FL, business owners, you probably don’t think about the ductwork in your building very often. When is the last time you considered the ducts that carry the air you breathe throughout your building? If it’s been years, consider hiring a professional for duct cleaning services to take advantage of the following benefits.

1. You’ll Have Cleaner Air

Dust, dirt and other substances gather and sit in your ductwork as the HVAC system runs. These particles eventually end up in the air and your lungs as air moves around the home. Professional duct cleaning keeps pathogens and dust out of your ductwork and out of your respiratory system.

2. It’s Easier to Clean Your Office Space

Removing particulate matter from your HVAC system means it won’t blow and settle around your business. Less dust and dirt settling around your business means you don’t have to clean your office space as often.

3. Duct Cleaning Improves the Efficiency of Your HVAC System

Clean ductwork promotes an energy-efficient HVAC system. The dirt and debris that collects in the ductwork can quickly plug air filters. Plugged filters reduce the amount of air allowed through, which makes your HVAC system work harder.

This, in turn, increases the amount of energy the system uses. Regular cleaning of your ducts can keep your system running efficiently and lower your monthly energy bills.

4. Duct Cleaning Makes Your Home Healthier

Dust, pathogens and biological contaminants can quickly pollute your indoor air and can negatively affect your health. This is especially true if you have asthma or other respiratory issues.

Pathogens like bacteria and viruses can attach to the particles in your ducts and make it into the air you breathe. Regular cleaning of your HVAC system keeps particulate matter and pathogens out of the ducts and out of your indoor air.

To learn about the benefits of commercial duct cleaning, contact us at ServiceMaster 24 Hour today. Our representatives can answer any questions you may have about improving the quality of air in your commercial building.

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