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Water leakage in your Tampa, Florida, home can lead to significant structural losses. While some leaks are easy to trace, others occur under layers of insulation and sheetrock. For this reason, having an assistant detector such as a smart app to help prevent potential water damage is a wise choice. The following apps can help you check for water leaks in your home.

Leak Calculator

Leak Calculator, which is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices, is an app with very efficient leak detection ability. The app can identify leaks in your pipes, ceilings, and other hidden places in your house. Additionally, it enables you to calculate your production rate in order to fix the leaks.


LeakSmart is a companion app that helps you control water leakage in your home. Its working capacity can extend up to 32 sensors in case you have a large home. By installing the app in your smartphone, you can turn your main water on or off remotely within five seconds. In addition to detecting leaks, LeakSmart also monitors temperatures that might signal leakage.


iQuarius is a mobile-friendly app for Android users that detects waters leaks. The app is a mobile leak detection solution that also offers water utility professionals to rectify the leak in the shortest time possible. iQuarius contains a smartphone-based sensor that gives the exact location of the leak using its GPS positioning properties and noise analysis.

Early Water Leak Alert

Early Water Leak Alert offers users consistent, long-term solutions to reduce the damages, issues, and inconveniences caused by water leakage. With this app, you’ll be able to avoid unnecessary costly repairs using the assistance of a water sensor positioned at each critical location of the units. In the event of water leakage, the sensor sends an alert to your mobile device.

Have you noticed any signs of water leaks in your home? If so, reach out to ServiceMaster of Tampa Bay for water damage restoration. We also offer advice on the best smart water leakage detection system for your home. Call us today at 813-603-2001.

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