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Cleaning up after a flood, fire, or water damage in your property can be stressful. You want a trusted professional company to complete your disaster cleanup — one that is able to work with your insurance firm to arrange the payments. First of all, however, you will need to find out whether trauma cleanup is included in your coverage. Find out more below. 

Check Your Insurance Policy

Most insurance documents have a detailed terms and conditions section, as well as a list of exclusions you should check before you make a claim. Most companies offer to pay for restoring your home to the original state, which means replacing all your household items like-for-like, and carrying out the repairs. However, the work cannot take place without cleaning up the mess first. 

Negotiate Prices

If your insurance policy only offers a flat settlement after a home emergency, you have to make sure that you have enough money to pay a professional water damage company in Pinellas & Pasco to disinfect the house, get rid of dampness and mold, replace damaged surfaces, and carry out professional safety checks before you move back in. Don’t be tempted to take the first offer, and always include the cost of restoration and cleaning in your estimated cost prediction when you talk to the insurance company. 

Talk to an Emergency Cleanup Company 

You will need to find a local trauma cleanup company that is certified and approved by your insurance company, to be able to include your cleanup cost in your claim. Ask for a risk assessment, to make sure all harmful bacteria and biohazard caused by the home emergency will be professionally removed, so you can enjoy your restored home, reassured that it is safe to live in. 

If you want to get back in your home as soon as possible, get in touch with ServiceMaster Restore Tampa Bay, to take advantage of professional service completed at industry-approved standards. Call the Hillsborough office at 813-603-2001, or the Pinellas & Pasco service at 727-201-0499

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