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Business fires are devastating. Your normal operations will be affected, and you may deal with the loss of documents and data. If you want to get back to your business as soon as possible, you need to hire a professional emergency recovery and restoration company. Find out below what you need to do after a fire so that you can get your business back in order. 

Secure the Property and Get an Assessment 

First, you need to contact an expert fire damage recovery company that is approved by your insurance company and is IIRC certified. They will complete an assessment, and their technicians will complete the report while using the right chemical agents to clean your equipment and building. Professional cleaning and restoration will be carried out, and the odor elimination process can start. Fire restoration assessments are time sensitive, as no work can start before the damage is evaluated. 

Get Your Computers and Electrical Equipment Inspected

It is also important that you get your electrical equipment inspected and dried by professionals. If your computers suffered fire and/or water damage due to the emergency, you will need to get them inspected and safely packaged. Don’t attempt to use any electrical equipment on your premises until you have been given permission by qualified technicians. Your electrical wiring might need to be replaced, due to corrosion caused by chemicals to put out the fire. 

Store Your Valuables Safely

To get your business property cleaned out, redecorated, restored, and the odor and oil eliminated by a professional Pinellas and Pasco fire damage restoration company, you will have to store your valuables safely.  This will allow the professionals to carry out their work and will allow you to get your business back to running as soon as possible. 

If you have recently been affected by a fire on your business property, get in touch with ServiceMaster Restore, by calling 813-603-2001 for Hillsborough, or 727-300-3772 for Pinellas & Pasco. 

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