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The hot, humid climate makes mold a frequent problem for Pinellas County, Florida, homeowners. You need to stay vigilant to keep this hazard at bay. If your Floridian property has fallen victim to mold growth, it’s important to use a professional restoration service to clean it up. Don’t DIY mold cleanup, or you may run into these serious hazards.


Some molds are more dangerous than others, and each type requires its own distinct approach. Distinguishing one mold from another can be quite tricky, as most have a similar appearance and growth pattern. Proper testing and professional assessment is the best way to identify mold accurately.

Failure to Locate the Source

One of the trickiest parts of mold cleanup is making sure you’ve actually eradicated the entire growth. This is impossible if you don’t know where the mold is coming from. In Florida, your home can collect excess moisture in nearly any area. Leaky pipes and storm damage will certainly cause issues with mold, and you could also have a growth as the result of poor insulation and excess condensation. A professional can help you with proper mold remediation that will take care of the entire problem.

Widespread Exposure

During the cleanup process, mold spores can become airborne. Without proper ventilation and filtration, your attempt at mold removal may just spread the hazardous pores further. Allow the mold to settle in a favorable environment and you’ll simply have another growth in a different part of the home. Mold can grow anywhere warm and damp, so you need to be very careful about where those spores go. A professional remediation company has the necessary tools to keep the problem contained.

Never tackle mold growth as a DIY cleaning project. You should always work with a pro who has the right tools and expertise for the job. If you have mold issues in your home, give ServiceMaster 24 Hour a call at 727-201-0499. We’ll help you handle the issue safely and effectively.

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