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Hoarders collect large numbers of items or animals. Hoarding is a mental health disorder that’s more common among elderly people because it intensifies over time. Eventually, a Tampa, Florida, home with a hoarder living there could become so cluttered that people have trouble moving from room to room. This is dangerous in a fire or a medical emergency. Other hoarding hazards include poor indoor air quality, low HVAC efficiency, and difficulty making repairs.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Keeping a lot of items clean is difficult, so dust, dirt, pet dander, and pet droppings often accumulate. Perishable items attract pests and encourage mold growth, and these contaminants can end up in ductwork and other parts of the HVAC system. This leads to asthma and allergy symptoms, headaches, eye irritation, skin rashes, and other health problems.

Low HVAC Efficiency

Items that block vents and air registers force the HVAC system to work harder and increase utility bills. Pests can even start living in ductwork, blocking even more airflow. Items near the furnace can be a fire hazard as well. Also, an air conditioner that doesn’t work properly in the Tampa, Florida, heat puts many elderly people at risk for heat stroke.

Problems Making Repairs

If the entire house is full of stuff, professionals won’t be able to get to the indoor HVAC unit to make repairs if there’s a problem. The refrigerants used in HVAC systems are tasteless and odorless, and a leak that’s not repaired can lead to dizziness, nausea, vomiting, headaches, and more severe problems.

Homeowners should have their heaters and air conditioners checked by a professional once per year to catch minor issues before they become severe problems. They should also change their air filter at least every three months. If you can’t get to your HVAC system to take care of it, have a professional like ServiceMaster 24 Hour remove some items so that you won’t have to replace your unit later.

ServiceMaster 24 Hour can clean ductwork and the rest of homes that are cluttered from hoarding. Call us at 813-603-2001 for excellent service.

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