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Even the cleanest house can be plagued with odors. Your floors can be clean, trash taken out, pets freshly bathed, and you may still smell something unpleasant. Clear the air in your Tampa, Florida, home with these simple solutions.

Locate the Source

Once you have found the source of the smell, you can take steps to reclaim your home’s normal, pleasant odor. Remove any trash and freshen your drains and disposals. Dropping lemons and limes in the garbage disposal or pouring white vinegar down the drain will cut the smell of food waste from your kitchen quickly and efficiently.

Stale refrigerators and freezers can be fresh again with a good cleaning and an open container of baking soda on the shelf to absorb fridge odor. Some brands sell boxes with built-in openings for this purpose. Replace the box every three months.

Check Your Equipment

If your HVAC system is the source of the odor, a dead animal or an insect nest could be the cause. Contact a professional to help take care of the offensive smell.

Malfunctioning heating equipment can also emit unpleasant odors, especially in gas- or oil-heated homes. These smells are typically signs of a safety hazard or equipment failure. Be sure to have the equipment thoroughly inspected.

Freshen the Air

Once the source of the odors has been removed, you’ll want to keep the air from getting stale. Make an air freshener with vodka, water, and essential oils. Using your favorite scents, you can keep small bottles throughout your house for a quick, fresh spritz. The alcohol evaporates, leaving just the scent of the oil. Some favorites are citrus, lavender, and eucalyptus.

Invest in an air purifier to clean the air and keep everyday odors to a minimum. You can choose one that installs directly into your existing ductwork and coils to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and contaminants. Be sure to have our specialists come out for a full comprehensive duct cleaning and inspection to help keep your home’s air clean and healthy.

For suggestions on removing bad smells or a quote from our service professionals, give us a call at ServiceMaster 24 Hour at 813-603-2001.


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