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As a resident of Tampa, Florida, you may fall victim to a variety of disasters, from home flooding and sinkholes to wind damage from hurricanes and tornadoes. Although you’ll need our professional services to remedy your home damage, you can help us by taking the following preparation steps.

Make a Complete List of Your Problems

To ensure we correct all your damage, write down all the items that need repair in a simple checklist. Take photographs of areas where damage has occurred; these images will be useful when filing your insurance claims and are a helpful addition to your checklist of repairs. Your list will provide our service personnel with a useful roadmap, and they will also be able to point out other problems you may have missed.

Clear the Way for Our Service Personnel

Move any debris you can to give us access to the problem areas. Never attempt any kind of prep that may put you at risk, such as moving downed electrical wires or debris in an unstable area of your home. Always wear protective gear like boots and gloves, and try to keep the debris a safe distance from your home. Make sure it is easily accessible to pick up.

Prepare Your Family Members for Our Arrival

Weather and other disaster events that lead to home damage are stressful for everyone. Some of your family members may be mentally or physically unable to participate in your preparation efforts. Their presence in areas that require repair can be dangerous for them and present an obstruction to our service personnel. Relocate family members who are unable to assist, including pets, to a safe location before our service personnel arrive.

Natural disasters that damage homes are stressful, but we’re here to help you and your family. Call us today at either of our two Tampa-area Service Master Restore locations: Hillsborough – 813-603-2001 and Pinellas & Paso – 727-201-0499.

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