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It can be devastating when an emergency or disaster strikes your Wesley Chapel, Florida, home. After a home emergency, such as fire, flood, or burglary, it’s normal to feel vulnerable. These three tips can help you restore your warm, comforting home.

Consider Redecorating Your Space

While redecorating might not be the first thing you think about, it can be an opportunity to make good from the bad. Renew the comfort of your space after a home emergency. For a fresh start, paint walls, move furniture, and hang new drapes. If items were affected by flooding or fire, don’t replace them with the first thing you see, but consider replacing them with new items that bring you and your family joy.

Protect Your Home

Update all alarms to prepare your home against any future emergencies. Installing a house alarm after a burglary can help restore the feeling of safety for you and your family.

Annually replace batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to keep systems running. Replace detector units every 10 years to ensure your home remains alert. Remember to test both your home alarm and fire alarm system regularly.

Call The Experts

If your home has had flood or fire damage, contact your maintenance professionals to assess damage to your home’s HVAC system to avoid possible health risks. During a small house fire, smoke infiltrates ducts and can affect your indoor air quality for months afterward. Biological growth can also occur after a fire or a flood, and if not fixed right away, can lead to serious health concerns in your home. If your home has experienced even minor flood or fire damage, call the experts for a full vent cleaning.

At ServiceMaster 24 Hour, we’re committed to providing peace of mind for all of our customers. For help getting back to your normal routine after a home emergency such as a flood or fire, call us at 813-603-2001.

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