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Mold in your Tampa, Florida, home doesn’t just look bad, it’s also dangerous for your health. If you spot mold in your home, call in the experts to have it removed. It’s difficult to tackle on your own, and the negative affects are too big to try to take care of without the help of the experts.

Indoor Air Quality

Having mold in your home negatively affects your indoor air quality (IAQ). When you have poor IAQ in your home, your family could suffer from a variety of symptoms including cold or flu-like symptoms, increased allergies and asthma, and lung concerns. Unfortunately, you can’t improve your IAQ unless you get the mold out of your house. Unlike pet dander, cigarette smoke, and dust, you can’t just tackle mold on your own. Hiring a mold remediation expert is the only way to make sure all the mold is removed and it won’t keep affecting your IAQ.

Mold Allergies

Mold can instigate allergies or cause allergy-like symptoms, but it’s even more dangerous if someone in your family is actually allergic to mold. People with mold allergies could have severe reactions if they breathe in or come into contact with mold. Similarly, people with lung disease or who have compromised immune systems are often greatly affected by having mold in the home or breathing in moldy air. 

High Humidity and Sleep Disorders

If you have mold in your home, the chances are pretty good you have high humidity or standing water somewhere in your home. Having high humidity and mold in your home affects your sleep at night. When the humidity is high, your body has a harder time cooling off, which makes it challenging to sleep. Having mold and poor IAQ is also linked to problems with getting a good night’s rest and can trigger sleep apnea. 

If you need mold remediation in your home, we are the people to call. Contact Service Master 24 Hour to schedule an appointment with us today. 

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