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If someone used to smoke within your Tampa, Florida, home, then you know how long that odor lingers. It hangs around in your upholstery and seems to cling to the very drywall. How do you get rid of it? Thankfully, even if you have carpet on the floors, some at home remedies combined with professional help can get your home smelling better.

Try Vinegar

Putting bowls of white vinegar in each room is a good way to neutralize the odor. For faint scents, the vinegar may be all you need. Try removing it after a few days to see if any smell remains. Vinegar works on fabrics, too, but you have to be careful how you do it. Try washing any removable fabric on cold with a few cups of vinegar thrown into the wash cycle. Don’t dry them with heat. Instead, hang them outside to dry, or set your dryer on the air fluff setting.

Use Carbon

Carbon is a natural air filter, and lots of in-room air purifiers use carbon filters to deodorize. If the scent lingering in a room is bothersome, run a purifier with a carbon filter for a few days to clean the air while you work on other sources of the smell. If the tobacco smoke odor is ground into your carpeting or other fabrics, the air purifier is only a stopgap but it certainly helps.

Call Us

When nothing else works, have the professionals come in. Removing smoke odor and damage is what we do, and trust us, cigarette smoke is definitely something we can handle. With a combination of content cleaning, deodorizing, and structural cleaning, we can nix the lingering cigarette smoke odors in your home.

We know how unpleasant it is to live in a smelly home, so don’t wait any longer to fix that cigarette smoke odor. ServiceMaster Restore offers 24/7 emergency services, so contact us any time. You can reach us at 813-603-2001 for your odor removal needs.

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