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Thinking of having the ducts in your St. Petersburg, Florida, home cleaned? If you’ve struggled with allergies, had a mold infestation, or haven’t had an HVAC update in a while, a duct cleaning is a smart move. Here are a few things to learn about the process so you know what to expect when you book us for a cleaning.

Duct Access

To inspect your ducts, we can use camera systems and visual cues. Some ducts are dirtier than others, and we want to know exactly what’s in there. To gain access to your ducts both for inspection and cleaning, we may have to cut small holes. We’ll do our best to minimize our access points, and we patch up everything once we’re done. This is especially essential if you have a flat roof limiting our access to your ducts.

Brushes and Vibration

We use a series of brushes and vibrations to loosen the debris inside your ducts and scrub it out. The brushes are very long, and they get inserted through our access points. We need to do this before we vacuum to loosen the gunk that’s stuck to the walls of your ducts. A vacuum alone isn’t enough.

Negative Pressure

Finally, with a vacuum, we create negative pressure in your ducts so that we can suck out everything we’ve found and loosened. We close the access points first, so nothing goes flying into your home. All the debris gets sucked out of your system, and you’re left with clean ducts that blow nothing but air throughout your home. After we’ve done this, you should change your HVAC filter to keep that air clean.

If you’re experiencing bad allergies, have seen any mold in your home, or have noticed dust or dirt coming out of your ducts, contact ServiceMastter 24 Hour immediately. Florida has enough allergens floating around outside; you don’t need to be breathing them in your home, too. You can call us anytime, 24 hours a day, at 727-201-0499.

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