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It’s a popular misconception that police offers or forensic specialists perform the cleanup at a crime scene. The truth is, crime scene cleanup requires specially trained experts who know how to handle biohazard and other safety concerns. If you have the misfortune of having to have a crime scene cleaned up in your Tampa, Florida, home or office, you may be wondering what to expect during the crime scene cleanup process.

Scene Assessment

The first step during a crime scene cleanup is an assessment of the scene. When the crew members arrive, they will identify items that can be salvaged and those that will need to be disposed of. They also will determine what chemicals and processes will need to be used to complete the job. They will clean any valuables that can safely be saved and set them aside.

Addressing Walls, Carpet, and Flooring

Unfortunately, once the carpet is subjected to biohazards, it cannot be cleaned. If there are soiled areas on the carpet, they will be cut out, rolled, up, and quarantined during the rest of the cleaning process. These portions of the carpet will be safely transported to a medical waste disposal site.

Once the carpet has been addressed, the walls will be scoured with an enzyme that’s designed to break down blood. If there is flooring, tile, or laminate, the same process will be used on these as well. It will be impossible to completely remove stains from the floorboards. The crew will remove as much as possible and then apply a sealant.

Deep Cleaning

The final step in the process will be a deep cleaning that will work to reduce the odors and any dangerous microorganisms that may still be present. This step is crucial to remove any contaminants that may result in infectious disease.

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