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Indoor air quality is an important consideration in the workplace. Dirty air can impact your employees’ health, increase sick days, and minimize productivity. Make sure you give proper attention to air quality beyond the filter in your HVAC system. Turn an eye to the ductwork and duct cleaning in your Pasco County, Florida, office to make sure you’re breathing the cleanest air possible, and watch for these indicators that you’re overdue for a duct cleaning.

You Have a Readily Visible Buildup

You should have your building’s HVAC system serviced once a year to keep the air conditioner and furnace clean and well-maintained. Every other year, make sure this visit includes a visual inspection of your air ducts. If you can see a thick particulate buildup in the ducts, it’s time to talk to your service technician about a duct cleaning.

You’re Battling Persistent Odors

Does your workplace have an unpleasant odor that you can’t seem to get rid of? If you’re battling a damp, musty smell throughout the building, dirty ductwork is a likely cause. When the source is in your ducts, it’s recirculated endlessly throughout the office, so no amount of vacuuming or cleaning within your workspace will resolve the issue. A professional duct cleaning is the best and most effective way to handle this problem.

Air Vents are Visibly Discolored

If your HVAC system is circulating dusty, dirty air, you’ll eventually begin to see the impact on your air vents. Over time, they’ll take on a dark, dingy appearance. You may even notice dust clumping along the edges of the vent. In a commercial area, visibly dirty vents impact more than just your air quality – they’ll strike a blow to your reputation as well if shoppers notice this disturbing feature. Having the ducts and vents thoroughly cleaned will improve both the visible appearance and invisible air quality of the area.

If you need a duct cleaning, don’t hesitate. Contact ServiceMaster 24 Hour at 727-201-0499. We’ll help you schedule all the indoor air quality services you need.

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