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Biological growth such as mold is common in warm and humid locations such as Tampa, Florida, where it can seem to sprout up very easily. In addition to wanting to eliminate this problem for aesthetic reasoning, there are several negative outcomes associated with mold growth that showcase why you need to remove it from your home as soon as it may appear.

Health Risks to People with Asthma and Allergies

People with respiratory conditions can be particularly sensitive to biological growth, even when it is unseen. If you have a child or another family member with asthma, allergies, or conditions such as hypersensitivity pneumonitis, then such growth can cause serious health concerns. Asthma attacks, for example, may become more frequent and more severe. By addressing the problem sooner rather than later, you can reduce a potentially harmful condition inside your home.

Healthy People Can be Affected, Too!

Biological growth doesn’t play favorites and can affect anyone who comes into your home. Exposure to such growth can lead to upper respiratory tract infection and other problems, even in otherwise healthy people. Common symptoms can include fatigue and headache, wheezing and shortness of breath, and even fever and chest pain. If you or your loved ones are experiencing any of these conditions, then seek medical assistance and a professional assessment of your home.

Biological Growth Reveals Possible Water Damage Areas

Biological growth thrives in wet areas. The growth you see on the surface of walls in your home may indicate existing water damage within the wall and out of your view. Professional removal addresses not just what you can see but also what may be causing the problem. We can assess the origin of the problem and take steps to help keep it from returning to your home.

Biological growth isn’t pleasant or healthy, and we’re here to help you get rid of it and keep it away. Call us today at either of our two Tampa area ServiceMaster Restore locations: Hillsborough at 813-603-2001 and Pinellas and Pasco at 727-201-0499.

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